Introduction to
Performing Arts & Media

Explore your Creativity & Create with God

Introduction to
Performing Arts & Media (IPM/SOPA)

The IPM/SOPA will give you a taste of all the performing arts disciplines. It will take you in-depth into the spiritual aspects and skills of both the arts and media and teach you how to clearly communicate God’s message through the arts.


  • Co-Creating with God
  • Christian Worldview and the Arts
  • Body Balance and Pilates
  • Classic Mime
  • Theatre and Acting
  • Dance Techniques (Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Ballet)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Graphics and Photography
  • Visual Communication
  • Production and Sound
  • Team Building and Leadership

* Topics are subject to change

Lecture Phase

The program begins with a 3-month lecture phase where you will learn from speakers highly qualified in different art disciplines, giving you a taste of all the performing arts areas. You will also be equipped to create your own production and experience creating and directing.

Outreach Phase

Following is an optional 2-month outreach, during which you will train and equip different ministries in what you have learned, whether it is directing a production, managing an event, creating tools for evangelism, workshops, etc. It is an exciting time where you will be challenged to grow in your leadership and directing skills to help other ministries to reach their own sphere of influence!

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