We Welcome You!

Whatever your giftings and passions,
there's a place for you!

Figuring out the whole YWAM thing doesn't have to be hard. Stick around and see how you can get involved! At YWAM Tuen Mun you can get involved in a few different ways: as a mission builder or volunteer, full-time staff, or through our internships.

Short Term

Mission Builder

Timeframe: 2 weeks - 3 months

Do you have a month or two free and want to jump into missions? Do you have a close relationship with Christ and want to get a taste of YWAM? Do you have a specific skill or willingness to help where needed in an international missions setting? If so, then mission building is for you!

Mission Builders join us full-time in a number of different areas around the base: kitchen, hospitality, maintenance, gardening, childcare, housekeeping, translation and other projects as needed. Because our community is relatively small, we work together closely to keep our programs and facilities at their best.


Timeframe: 4 months - 1 year

If you want to join as a full-time intern you can make a commitment from 2 weeks up to 1 year and there is no prerequisite of doing a DTS.

If you want to serve longer than a year, we require that you complete a DTS and then return as staff with a minimum 2-year commitment.


Timeframe: 2 weeks - 1 year

We welcome those who have not yet completed a Discipleship Training School to volunteer from 1 to 3 months in a variety of areas. This is a special opportunity to join our team on a short-term basis to help keep our community running smoothly. We could not continue to grow in our programs and outreaches without the help of these valuable volunteers.


Immediate Needs

To fulfill the calling that God has given us, we recognize how essential managers, administrators and office workers are for the existence and effectiveness of our ministries. Whatever your gift or call may be, there is a vital role for you to play in world evangelism.

Currently, we are in need of the following positions:

• Communications Staff
• Web Design Staff
• Hospitality Manager
• Kitchen Manager
• Musicians & Artists
• Personnel Staff

Long Term


Timeframe: 2 year commitment

Prerequisites: Completion of the Discipleship Training Course (DTS) and Field Assignment One of our main core values is growth. As a community we are committed to developing our personal character to be more Christ-like. During your stay as a staff member you will have the opportunity to grow in a number of areas of leadership and personal development.

These are just a few examples of skills you could improve on while developing new ones you never knew were there!

• Leading Small Groups
• Biblical Leadership
• Facilitating Prayer and Worship
• Understanding Group Dynamics
• Conflict Resolution
• Evangelism
• Communication Skills
• Budgeting and Finance
• Creating Dramas, Dances, Videos & Music
• Translation
• Fundraising
• Team Building
• Language Learning
• Pioneering New Ministries
• Cross-Cultural Awareness
• Practical Skills
• Ministering To & Discipling Others


Please know that Youth With A Mission is a missions organization. All staff and volunteers are trusting God for their finances and do not get paid by our organization. All staff and volunteers are responsible for raising their own support by sharing their vision with their churches, family and friends to invite those to come alongside them, both in prayer as well as in finances.


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