Urban Justice DTS

Growing in Christ &
Caring for the Neglected

Urban Justice Discipleship
Training Program

The UJDTS will give you an understanding of the God’s heart for justice while taking you deeper in your relationship with God.

The DTS is the foundational course of YWAM. The UJDTS will not only develop your spiritual walk, but also give you a chance to experience hands-on what it means to address the issues of injustice in society. You will learn what it means to bring God’s justice to your city while discovering God’s heart for you!


  • Hearing God's Voice and Intercession
  • The Character of God
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Justice and Reconciliation in the Bible
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Urban Justice
  • Societal Transformation
  • Missions and Evangelism

Lecture Phase

The DTS takes place over a 5-month period. The first 3 months will be spent hearing from speakers from around the world and serving the underprivileged in our community through our food bank and local ministry.

Outreach Phase

The next 2 months you will exercise all that you’ve learned as you travel to different cities in Asia. You will have the opportunity to experience many different types of ministry to those that are marginalized in the urban areas, such as the homeless and elderly.

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