Giving, Faith & Blessing

Mission Adventures is a YWAM short-term outreach ministry for groups.
The program will include a three-day training camp at our Youth With A Mission center, followed by a cross-cultural outreach to bring the Good News and blessings to the underprivileged in our local area.
Pray for us during these two weeks in December.

Mission Adventures Kicks Off!

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Our participants have arrived! For the past few days they have been getting trained and equipped to go out and bless Hong Kong through our different outreaches to the elderly-at-risk, low-income families, and underprivileged children.

We are looking forward also to meeting our local volunteers and translators at the different outreach locations. We are still looking for translators for our outreaches. If you would like to help, please visit this link to sign up. Let’s reach Hong Kong together!

Equipped. Ready. Go.

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Big Smiles

After intense training, the participants and volunteers are now ready to make a difference in the day of the elderly in this care home. It is a joy for them, when young people take notice and spend time with them.

Christmas Party for Families

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Lots of smiles and happy faces!!

It is encouraging to see the joy in people’s faces. We are thankful for today and looking forward to what is still to come.

Sharing through Mercy

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Giving out lunch boxes

Getting insight in how to practically make a difference to underprivileged, low-income families and even street sleepers by giving out hot lunch boxes. Touching, also for our participants.

Everyone is invited

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Open Air Program in Housing Estate

The final program for this group of participants was held from an open air stage in one of our Public Estates. Before each of the two programs, we invited people who walked by, to watch. We showed different dances and dramas and our participants shared the word and their testimony.
Children were also happy with receiving balloon animals in between the programs.

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